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City Overview

Commonly known as ‘Bombay’ until 1996, Mumbai is the commercial capital of India. Its original name "Bombay" emerged from the Portugal term "Bom Bahai" meaning good bay or harbour. The city was formed by the reclamation of 7 islands on the central-western coast along the Arabian Sea. Mumbai lies 1400 km west of the Indian capital, New Delhi. It is also known as Manchester of India. Mumbai boomed into a textile city in the 19th Century. With the opening up of the Suez Canal in 1869 the city s future as India s primary port, was assured. Now it is the second biggest city in the world. The Glamour of a prolific film industry, cricket on the open areas on weekends, bhel puri (Indian snack) on the Chowpatty beach and red double-decker buses enhance the charm of the city.

Culture & Festivals

The migration of various communities like the Parsis, Gujaratis, South Indian Hindus and other races into the city has transformed it into a truly multi-cultural society. An alluring mixture of races and cultures, gives the city an aura of vibrancy and vitality that has to be experienced!.

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